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Gas Station Insurance

Protect your service station with comprehensive gas station insurance from Purves and Associates Insurance Agency.

Convenience and location have made your station the success it is. You help keep people on the road and on their way to work and home. Though business liability insurance can protect some of the facets of your business, it may not account for some serious risks associated with gas stations.

Damaged pumps, leaking fuel tanks, fire, explosions, theft, and damage to customer vehicles are just some of the unique risks of running a gas station. Any one of these possibilities could destroy your station and end your entrepreneurial dream. You need insurance that is specific to your business – you need gas station insurance.

At Purves and Associates Insurance Agency, we provide liability and business insurance solutions for gas stations just like yours. A gas station insurance plan can include:

  • Damaged Pumps
  • Leaking Fuel Tanks
  • Fire and Explosions
  • Theft
  • General Liability Concerns

At Purves and Associates Insurance Agency we can cover your unique exposures and offer you a lower, consolidated monthly premium. Contact us today and learn more about our Gas Station Insurance coverage.